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Handout for Steve Moses’s presentation on “The Long-Term Care Trifecta”

I’ve compacted today’s remarks to the point where you may occasionally shake your head and say “what was that?” Think of it like a whole college course rolled into a one hour lecture. On this handout, you’ll find links to ten essays I’ve written in the past year elucidating today’s arguments and providing detailed evidence to support them. Think of these essays as the rest of the lectures in this course. Enjoy!

LTC Bullet: Have Your Cake Until It Eats You, March 23, 2018: Americans want to have their cake (entitlements) and eat it too, but trends show this cake will eat our economy first.

LTC Bullet: Standing Guard, June 15, 2018: Articles, speeches and reports the Center for Long-Term Care Reform has published fighting back against ideological bias and fake research. 

LTC Bullet: The New Fallacy of Impoverishment, June 29, 2018: We should declare success in the war on poverty and move on!

LTC Bullet: The Still Broken Rhythm of Long-Term Care Reform, July 20, 2018: Why have we made so little progress on long-term care financing since the Great Recession?

LTC Bullet: Why Keep Fighting … and How, September 6, 2018: How the Center for Long-Term Care Reform helps you persevere against all obstacles … and overcome.

LTC Bullet: How and How Much Medicaid Reduces Lifetime Medical Spending for Affluent Retirees, October 10, 2018: Medicaid helps the affluent even more than the poor.

LTC Bullet: Who Wins, Who Loses When Medicaid Misleads?, October 25, 2018 and
LTC Bullet: Who Wins, Who Loses When Medicaid Misleads? Part 2, November 8, 2018: Medicaid takes credit it doesn’t deserve, then misrepresents its cost to the downside.

LTC Bullet: Venezuela, Yale and Long-Term Care, December 7, 2018: Explains the difference between private and social insurance and why it matters.

LTC Bullet: So What If the Government Pays for Most LTC?, 2017 Data Update, December 13, 2018: Explains how government financing crowds out private long-term care financing including LTCI.


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