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Archives by Subject

The LTC Bullets in our archives contain valuable commentary, data and reviews.  To make this resource more accessible, particularly to new visitors catching up on who we are and what we say, LTC Bullets are organized here by subject.  Some Bullets straddle topics and therefore are listed under more than one heading.


The LTC Problem and Solutions

Reality Check: The Facts on LTCI

Medicaid Planning

LTC Services

Politics and Legislation

Demographics and Other Data



The LTC Problem and Solutions

LTC Bullets that address or support the arguments fully developed in the Center’s recent white papers:  LTC Choice: A Simple, Cost-Free Solution to the Long-Term Care Financing Puzzle and Myth of Unaffordability: How Most Americans Should, Could, and Would Buy Private Long-Term Care Insurance.  Also, analysis of proposals for solving the LTC financing crisis offered by academics, think tanks and others.  Return to top of page

The Fiscal Imperative and The Moral High Ground of Medicaid Estate Recoveries, April 2024

Long-Term Care Disparities: Are They Racism or Only Economic Inequity?, April 2024

Your LTC Questions Answered, March 2024

What Happened to Long-Term Care?, March 2024

“Dying Broke” Was Dead Wrong, December 2023

Long-Term Care: The Solution (The Serial, Part 4), December 2023

Long-Term Care: The Solution (The Serial, Part 3), November 2023

Long-Term Care: The Solution (The Serial, Part 2), November 2023

Long-Term Care: The Solution (The Serial), October 2023

Long-Term Care: The Solution, October 2023

Long-Term Care Racism: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Cure, September 2023

Long-Term Care Racism, September 2023

Let’s Fix Long-Term Care Once and for All, August 2023

Cassandra’s Current Quandary, July 2023

LTC Block Grant or Waiver Potential, July 2023

The LTC Narrative, June 2023

What if Most People Don’t Spend Down for Medicaid LTC?, June 2023

AI on LTC, May 2023

Long-Term Care and the Social Compact, April 2023


Make LTC Simple Again, December 2022

Last Until LTC, December 2022

LTC Reflections, October 2022

LTC Studies Share Flaws, September 2022

Biased LTC Scholarship Misinforms Policymakers, September 2022

Frontload LTC, July 2022

Medicaid’s Plan to Fail, June 2022

The Entitlement Put, June 2022

Begging the LTC Question, May 2022

LTC Epiphany, May 2022

The Myth of Unaffordability, Redux, April 2022

LTC Choice, Still the Best Solution, April 2022

LTC Bankruptcy, March 2022

Moses vs. Grabowski on Long-Term Care, February 2022

Long-Term Care’s Fundamental Fallacy, February 2022

Long-Term Care Irony, January 2022

Square the LTC Circle, December 2021

How to Prepare for the Coming Wave of Government Long-Term Care Programs, December 2021

Amada Keynote, November 2021

Three New Articles, October 2021

A Framework for Thinking about Medicaid and Long-Term Care, October 2021

The LTC Anointed, September 2021

The InLTCgentsia, September 2021

WISHful Thinking, August 2021

Great Moments in Unintended LTC Consequences, August 2021

Government Violates the Long Term Care Social Contract to Your Detriment, July 2021

Be Careful What You WISH For, July 2021

The WA Cares Fund Gets a Bad Wrap, June 2021

The Social Contract for Long-Term Care, June 2021

Why LTCI Fails, May 2021

LTC Center Standing Guard, May 2021

Milken Groupthink Fumbles LTC Financing, April 2021

The Key to LTC, March 2021

Rethink LTC Financing, February 2021

Social Insurance is an Oxymoron, February 2021

Is Medicaid the LTC Solution or the Problem?, December 2020

Caregiver Insurance, November 2020

Long-Term Care Insurance in China, November 2020

Modern Monetary Theory and Long-Term Care, October 2020

Dying with or of Covid and the Double Whammy of a Second Wave in the Coming Flu Season, September 2020

Umpteenth Long-Term Care Study Disappoints, August 2020

How to Improve Medicaid LTC, July 2020

The Crisis on Top of the Crises, July 2020

What Topics and Speakers Do You Want for the Next ILTCI?, July 2020

Covid and Nursing Home Deaths, June 2020

How Not to Redesign Long-Term Care, June 2020

WSJ Column on Nursing Homes, Coronavirus and Medicaid, June 2020

Medicaid and Long-Term Care, the Serial, Part 7, the End, April 2020

Medicaid and Long-Term Care, the Serial, Part 6, April 2020

Medicaid and Long-Term Care, the Serial, Part 5, March 2020

Medicaid and Long-Term Care, the Serial, Part 4, March 2020

Medicaid and Long-Term Care, the Serial, Part 3, February 2020

Medicaid and Long-Term Care, the Serial, Part 2, February 2020

Medicaid and Long-Term Care, the Serial, Part 1, January 2020

Medicaid and Long-Term Care, January 2020

Where Long-Term Care Went Wrong and How to Fix It, December 2019

The Battle Lines Are Drawn, October 2019

Long-Term Care for Libertarians (and Austrian Economists), October 2019

To Fix Long-Term Care, Redefine the Problem, September 2019

Still Standing Guard, August 2019

The Post-Medicaid History of Long-Term Care, August 2019

Long-Term Care and Medicaid, July 2019

Middle Market Mayhem, June 2019

The Dementia of Political Economy, May 2019

Remember the Middle, May 2019

The Blind Men of Long-Term Care, April 2019

The Pre-Medicaid History of Long-Term Care, March 2019

Amplify LTC Sanity, February, 2019

The Long-Term Care Trifecta, January 2019

Venezuela, Yale and Long-Term Care, December 2018

SOA Delivers on LTCI Again, July 2018

The Still Broken Rhythm of Long-Term Care Reform, July 2018

The New Fallacy of Impoverishment, June 2018

LTC Policy Blinders, May 2018

Feder/Cohen Proposal Ignores LTC Problems’ Cause, May 2018

LTC Evasion, May 2018

Feder Fantasy Fatally Flawed (Cohen Contribution Notwithstanding), May 2018

The Medicaid Prevention Business, February 2018

LTC Calculation, February 2018

LTC Cause and Effect, February 2018

Three to Get Ready, January 2018 

Why Couples Worry So Little about Long-Term Care, December 2017

The Morality of Hazards, November 2017

The Hazards of Morality, November 2017

Hagelman on “How to Fix Long-Term Care Financing", October 2017

What’s Next?, October 2017

Of Floods, Insurance and Long-Term Care, September 2017

Government LTC Financing “Revolution” Averted, August 2017

Move the Media, August 2017

“How to Fix LTC Financing” Report Released, July 2017

My History of Long-Term Care Financing, July 2017

Medicaid, Home Ownership and Long-Term Care Financing, July 2017

Home Equity and LTCI Demand, June 2017

Is it Really Hopeless to Reduce Medicaid LTC Costs?, June 2017

The Medicaid Moment to Save LTC, June 2017

Try British LTC Plan Here, May 2017

The Broken Rhythm of Long-Term Care Reform, May 2017

How Much Could Medicaid Save?, May 2017

Medicaid Matters Most, May 2017

Hoist with its Own Petard, April 2017

Make Long-Term Care Great Again, March 2017

The LTC Wars (shawsky), February 2017

CLASS Redux?, February 2017

What’s Wrong with Bundled and Value-Based LTC Payments?, January 2017

The LTC Discussion Group and Marc Cohen’s Claimant Study Presentation, November 2016

FEE for Service, October 2016

How Fiscal and Monetary Malfeasance Will Ruin Long-Term Care, October 2016

Goodman on Better Risk Management, September 2016

Medicaid Malfunctions Multiply, September 2016

Centennial Careless and DYI Publicity, September 2016

Behind AHEAD, September 2016

New Report Preview, July 2016

The Senior Financial Security Program, Again, July 2016

LTC Action Plan, July 2016

The Early History of LTC Financing (and Why It Matters), June 2016

Cassandra on Medicaid LTC Eligibility, June 2016

How the Government Ruined LTC (and We’ll Fix It), June 2016

Fuel for LTC Change, April 2016

No Single Solution?, March 2016

Read Cassandra’s Quandary, March 2016

Real ID vs. Estate Recoveries:  A Decade of Divergence, February 2016

Three Cheers (But Two From the Bronx) for New BPC-LTC Recommendations, February 2016

Cassandra’s LTC Recommendations, January 2016

Heed Cassandra on LTC, January 2016

The Long-Term Care Crisis:  Why Now But Not Yet?, January 2016

The Arrogance of LTC Analysts’ Elitism, December 2015

The Future of Long-Term Care Seen Through the Prism of History, November 2015

NAHU on LTC Financing, September 2015

LTC Sneak Peek, August 2015

Medicaid Annuity Abuse:  A Case Study, June 2015

Should Presidential Hopefuls Address Long-Term Care?, May 2015

Long-Term Care Insurance:  Past, Present and Future, May 2015

How Great is Medicaid’s Unfunded LTC Liability?, April 2015

Guest Column, "New Long Term Care Insurance Thinking", April 2015

SOA’s LTC Monograph, December 2014

How Does Your State Rank on the Index of Long-Term Care Vulnerability, September 2014

The Medicaid Dissertation, April 2014

Inspect This Plane, April 2014

Will Bipartisan LTC Policy Be Better?, April 2014

How to Fix LTCI in California, April 2014

Who Gets Medicaid LTC?, March 2014

Can Long-Term Care Survive?, February 2014

A Brief History of Long-Term Care Financing, January 2014

The Index of Long-Term Care Vulnerability:  A Case Study in New Jersey, January 2014

“The Index of Long-Term Care Vulnerability:  A Case Study in Virginia” Published, December 2013

Medicaid and Long-Term Care Financing in Georgia, August 2013

The Index of Long-Term Care Vulnerability, August 2013

Implementing a Medicaid and LTC Financing Study, June 2013

The Role of Estate Recoveries in LTC Financing, June 2013

After CLASS and the LTC Commission, May 2013

Shelton on LTCI, April 2013

SCAN the LTC Possibilities, April 2013

The LTC Problem and Solutions:  Thousand Bullets Retrospective, February 2013

The Myth of Unaffordability . . .  Still!, December 2012

LTC Graduate Seminar Updated, November 2012

Cut Medicaid to Help the Poor, November 2012

Maine LTC Financing Study:  Preliminary Findings and Queries, September 2012

The Maine Thing About Long-Term Care, September 2012

How the Government Ruined LTC (and We’ll Fix It), August 2012

Why Don’t More People Buy LTC Insurance?, July 2012

Private Long-Term Care Financing Alternatives, March 2012

Dual Eligibles and Long-Term Care:  How to Save Medicaid LTC $30 Billion Per Year and Pay for the "Doc Fix", March 2012

Rebalancing Long-Term Care, March 2012

Medicaid Planning for Long-Term Care, February 2012

Medicaid LTC Eligibility, February 2012

The History of Long-Term Care Financing or How We Got into This Mess, February 2012

How to Fix Long-Term Care, February 2012

Near-Term Prospects for Long-Term Care Financing Reform, January 2012

Why Don't Consumers Insure Against LTC Expenses? (LTC Embed Report # 9), October 2011

Super Committee Savings from Medicaid (LTC Embed Report #3), August 2011

Pay for the Doc Fix by Fixing Medicaid LTC (LTC Embed Report #2), August 2011

LTC Over There, July 2011

The LTCI Manifesto, May 2011

We Help New York with Medicaid LTC Redesign, March 2011

Our Op-Ed on Medi-Cal LTC, February 2011

How to Save Pennsylvania Billions:  Two New Center Studies Released, January 2011

"Medi-Cal LTC: Safety Net or Hammock?" Report Released, January 2011

A Forgotten Entitlement, September 2010

LTC Embed Report from the Policy Front in Pennsylvania, July 2010

New LTCI Report: Research or Propaganda?, June 2010

New State X Project: Own this LTC Research Project, February 2010

"Doing LTC RIght" or The Medicaid Mouse that Roared, January 2010

Baucus Means Bupkus for LTC, September 2009

Rhode Island Read, September 2009

How Medicaid LTC Sprung a Leak, September 2009

The Age Wave, The Ocean State, and Long-Term Care, September 2009

So What If the Government Pays for Most Long-Term Care?, July 2009

How Estate Recovery Protects the Poor AND the Affluent, July 2009

LTC Clueless, May 2009

Would New LTC Proposal Save $35 Billion?, April 2009

Do We Need an LTC Tea Party?, April 2009

New LTC Financing Study Uninterpreted or Misinterpreted, March 2009

LTC Schadenfreude, February 2009

Feds Bite the Big LTC Financing Apple, January 2009

The Entitlement Hurricane, December 2008

Think Reverse, Book Review, December 2008

What Ruins the LTCI Market?, September 2008

Uninsurance Problem Solved. For LTC Too?, August 2008

LTC Compact Update, June 2008

How to Cure LTC, April 2008

Hillary on LTC, February 2008

LTC Tour in North Carolina; Report Published, January 2008

Hillary Clinton on LTC, January 2008

The Trojan Horse of LTC, October 2007

The LTCi Conspiracy, October 2007

LTC Culture Shock, August 2007

Medicaid's Raw Deal, August 2007

New Books on Long-Term Care Planning, August 2007

The NY Compact:  Analysis, Conclusions, and Recommendations, July 2007

The New York Long-Term Care Compact Proposal, July 2007

Medicaid Estate Recover. . .up, July 2007

GAO on LTCI Partnerships, June 2007

GAO AWOL on LTC TOA, May 2007

Medicaid Flunks, So What Now? April 2007 

First Do No Harm, April 2007 

LTC Compact Study Proposal, April 2007

States Can Fix Long-Term Care Problems, April 2007

What's Really Happening to Long-Term Care?, April 2007

Don't Mess With Texans' LTC--Fix It!, March 2007

What, Me Worry About Medicaid and LTC?, February 2007

False Spring in Long-Term Care Winter, January 2007

The Eyes of Texas are Upon Elder Care, December 2006

The Future of LTC and Medicaid, November 2006

The Brave New World of Long-Term Care, November 2006

Plain(s) Talk on Medicaid and Long-Term Care, November 2006

Why They Don't Buy LTCi, October 2006

LTC Blues in the Empire State, October 2006

What States Should Do About the DRA, LTCi and HEC, October 2006

Forward on Reverse Mortgages, August 2006

LTCi's Toughest Questions Answered, August 2006

Medicaid Commission Errs by Omission, August 2006

Kansas Study, July 2006

LTC Grab Bag, June 2006

A Different Approach to LTCI, June 2006

Medicaid Commission Update, May 2006

NYT Editorial Favors HEC for LTC, April 2006

Who Still Gets Medicaid LTC Without Spending Down?, April 2006

Told You So, April 2006

Financial Planning Made Easy, March 2006

State Tackles the Real LTC Challenge, January 2006

So What If the Government Pays for Most LTC?, 2004 Data Update, January 2006

What Goes Around, Comes Around:  The IG and Estate Recoveries, November 2005

How Japan Escapes "LTC Hell", November 2005

Medicaid LTC More Generous than English Socialized System, October 2005

The Critical Role of Medicaid Estate Recoveries, September 2005

Disaster Come Disaster, September 2005

Aging America's Achilles' Heel, September 2005

Long-Term Care Insurance Under the Microscope, August 2005

Alzheimer's Association Shortsighted on LTC Financing, July 2005

Bing, Bang, Boom:  Another Plan for LTC Reform, June 2005

The "Durable" Reverse Mortgage, June 2005

New Book and Interview on LTC Planning, April 2005

Who is the Lone Ranger of Long-Term Care?, March 2005

New Book on Reverse Mortgages Plus an EXTRA, March 2005

Santa Fe Rules, March 2005

How Medicaid Crowds Out LTC Insurance, February 2005

The Minnesota Twins: Medicaid and Long-Term Care, February 2005

Use Your Home to Stay . . . Off Medicaid!, February 2005

So What If the Government Pays for Most LTC, 2003 Data Update, January 2005

How to Save Medicaid $20 Billion Per Year, January 2005

To Save Long-Term Care, Ask the Right Questions, December 2004

Out of the Medicaid Frying Pan, Into the Fire, November 2004

Medicaid and LTCi in KS and LA Support Center's Analysis, October 2004

The Realist's Guide to Medicaid and Long-Term Care, September 2004

Medicaid's Perverse Incentives, August 2004

LTC Tickler, June 2004

HEC of a Way to Pay for LTCi, April 2004

LTC Financing Irony, January 2004

The Heartland Model for Long-Term Care Reform, December 2003

Huge New Funding Source for LTC and LTCI, November 2003

Medicaid and the Future of Long-Term Care Financing, September 2003

"And Thou Shalt Honor" -- How to Get Involved, July 2003

State Farm/Roper LTCI Poll Informs but Begs Bigger Question, June 2003

Paean to Providers in Pain, June 2003

Scully Has it Right, Almost, June 2003

LTC Allegory Strikes a Chord with Providers, May 2003

Options for the LTC Uninsurable, May 2003

The Magic Bullet for Long-Term Care, May 2003

On the Lack of True Marketing of Long-Term Care Insurance, May 2003

The Florida Fulcrum, April 2003

No April Fools Joke, April 2003

SNALF Interview on How to Save Medicaid, March 2003

The Elephant, The Blind Men and Long-Term Care, March 2003

Medicaid Reform Proposal Might Save Medicaid LTC and Unleash LTCI, February 2003

Whither We Are Tending in Long-Term Care, February 2003

HIAA's New LTCP Books, Course and Designation Evaluated, February 2003

Eldertopia, January 2003

New LTC Expenditure Data Provide Clues to Low LTCI Sales and LTC Facilities' Financial Woes, January 2003

Where the LTC Action Is, December 2002

Long-Term Care, Medicaid, and the Government Fiscal Crisis, December 2002

The Triathlon vs. the Triumvirate: Why Can't We Fix Long-Term Care?, November 2002

"For the Benefit of My Patients", November 2002

What Can One Physician Do About Long-Term Care?, November 2002

Let the LTC Revolution Begin, November 2002

"First Do No Harm", November 2002

Ominous Parallels--Medicine and LTC, October 2002

How to Save Medicaid LTC, October 2002

Denial is Not a River in Egypt, September 2002

And Thou Shalt Honor, September 2002

Atlanta Journal-Constitution LTC Series Hits Mark for Best Solution, August 2002

National LTCI Conference Forthcoming--Scholarships Available, July 2002

Sweden Shrugs on LTC, July 2002

Provider Praises LTC Insurance, July 2002

ALEC Says Abolish the Medicaid Ghetto and Put Patients First, June 2002

LTC Workforce Blues, May 2002

The Welfare Rush, April 2002

Two New Articles on LTC Financing, April 2002

Drugs, Technology and LTC , March 2002

Great Opportunity to Learn LTC in New Orleans, March 2002

Who Will Buy LTCI?, February 2002

SNALF Interview Reviews Past, Plots Course for Future, February 2002

New Brochure on LTC Insurance, December 2001

2002 SOA LTC Insurance Conference Coming Up, November 2001

New Must-Read Book on LTC Financing, November 2001

Open Letter to Policy Makers, November 2001

Are Your Parents Driving You Crazy?, October 2001

Triathlon Conclusions and Recommendations, August 2001

Let the Race Begin, August 2001

Shelton Does it Again, July 2001

How to Advance Progress on LTC Reform,

Long-Term Care and the Four Urban Legends, May 2001

How to Avoid the Long-Term Care Trap, May 2001

JBQ on LTCI, April 2001

Long Term Caring, April 2001

2001 USHC LTCI Guide, March 2001

Polisher Polishes LTCI/Assisted Living Relationship, February 2001

Long-Term Care's Race for Survival, February 2001

Triathlon Report Findings Resonate, January 2001

LTC: What's Wrong, Who's to Blame, How to Fix, December 2000

Principles of Long-Term Care, December 2000

Useful Report from Milbank, November 2000

The LTC Triathlon, October 2000

LTCI Brass Needs NIC, August 2000

Will Olmstead Help or Hurt Long-Term Care?, August 2000

Of Floods, Insurance and Long-Term Care, August 2000

Thriving After 55, August 2000

UK Government Endorses Fundamental Principle of LTC Choice, July 2000
Heritage Lecture on LTC Financing Now Available, June 2000

Levy's Cadette Strikes Again, June 2000

ACLI on LTCI, May 2000

Pigs, Pythons, and Politics: How to Survive the Aging of the Baby Boomers, May 2000

LTC on NPR, March 2000

New "Cadette" in the LTC Financing Battle, March 2000

Growing Academic Credibility of LTC Insurance, March 2000

L.A. Times Highlights Center's LTC Choice Plan, January 2000

Provider Nails It!, January 2000

"What's the Best Reason to Buy LTC Insurance?", October 1999

Study Shows Most Can Afford LTC Insurance, September 1999

NCPA Recognizes Center Proposal, September 1999

Age Power, September 1999

The Myth of Unaffordability, August 1999

Can LTC Be Privately Financed?, July 1999

What a Mess, May 1999

We Couldn't Have Said It Better Ourselves, May 1999

U.K. Should Consider Center's Plan, March 1999

Former Secretary for Aging Confirms Center Message, March 1999

Seniors Housing Report Updated, March 1999

LAN on LTC, February 1999

Scary Numbers, January 1999

Center's Message Resonates with Policy Experts, January 1999

Center President Addresses LTC Crisis before D.C. Media, December 1998

An Open Letter to the Medicare Commission, September 1998

Concord Coalition Takes Position on LTC, July 1998

States Put LTC Puzzle Pieces Together, June 1998


Reality Check: The Facts on LTCI

Addressing inaccuracies and faulty data that abound in media coverage of long term care insurance. Includes anecdotes from the popular press that highlight the benefits of planning ahead and taking personal responsibility for long term care.  Return to top of page

Why Too Little Home Care?, June 2019

Standing Guard, June 2018

The State of LTCI: Myths, Facts and the Wall Street Journal Article, April 2018

It’s Time to Stop Bashing Long-Term Care Insurance, February 2018

LTCI Expert Fights Back, February 2018

LTCI Under Fire, January 2018

Three to Get Ready, January 2018

Don’t Buy LTCI?!, January 2018

Who Isn’t Covered by Private Long-Term Care Insurance?, October 2016

Claude Thau Has Your Back, September 2016

Real vs. Mythical Medicaid, August 2016

LTCI Defeatism, April 2016

Another LTCI Hit Job?, October 2015

Guest Column, “Real Sleight of Hand”, June 2015

Dog Bites LTCI, February 2015

When Bad Models Happen to Good People, January 2015

How Careless Economists Boosted LTC Risk, December 2014

WSJ Misfires on LTC Insurance, February 2014

PBS’s 6 LTC Tips Miss the Mark, November 2013

The LTC Blind, October 2013

Medicaid Spend Down that Isn’t and Why it Matters, July 2013

Reality Check: The Facts on LTCI:  Thousand Bullets Retrospective, April 2013

Nursing Home Spend Down Misunderstood and Late-Breaking LTCI Industry News, July 2012

Why 9 Out of 10 Get LTCI Wrong, November 2011

The Enemy of LTC Truth, February 2010

Hang Together or Separately, September 2009

Health Reform and Divorce, August 2009

We Reply to Washington Post Blast at Federal LTCI, August 2009

The Death of Insurance, August 2009

The Dark Before the LTCI Dawn, July 2009

LTCI Turmoil, June 2009

KFF Misfires on LTCI, June 2009

Dual Purpose Life Insurance, April 2009

LTC Partnership Cost-Effectiveness, April 2009

Can LTCi Really Work?, March 2009

LTCi Pollyannas, March 2009

How to Grow LTCi Distribution, February 2009

LTCi Can Save Medicaid LTC and Vice Versa, February 2009

We Critique WSJ on Medicaid Planning, January 2009

NYT Asks Medicaid Planner to Advise on LTCI, July 2008

Pre-emptive LTC Media Response, March 2008

National Underwriter Highlights Center's WSJ Response, March 2008

WSJ Attacks LTCI, We Respond, February 2008

Roll Call Exposes Sleazy CREW, January 2007

LTCI's Share of LTC Costs, November 2007

125,000 LTCi Policies and No Claims Payment Problem, October 2007

LTC Racism, September 2007

Take Georgetown's Facts With a Big Grain of Salt, February 2006

Facing Facts on Medicare and LTC Financing, May 2006

Kaiser Cover-Up Continues, April 2006

Microsimulate This!, March 2006

On Using Home Equity for LTC, March 2006

Public Misperceptions About Retirement, March 2006

The Savage Number, February 2006

Georgetown, GAO and Kaiser:  The Bermuda Triangle of Good LTC Policy, Jaunuary 2006

Index of the Long-Term Care Uninsured, January 2006

LTC Demagogy, December 2005

A Taste of What's to Come, November 2005

USA Today "Burns" Nursing Homes, October 2005

Long-Term Care's Broken Window, October 2005

What's Wrong With This Advice?, November 2004

Reality Check: Flawed Article on LTCi, October 2004

How Middle Class Medicaid Ruins LTC for Everyone, May 2004

AARP Harping Misses Mark on LTCi Rate Stability, May 2004

John Stossel on LTCi . . . Oops, Flood Insurance, March 2004

When Should You Buy LTCI and Why?, December 2003

Consumer Reports Targets LTCI, Hits Self, October 2003

Reader's Digest Tells Subscribers How to "Shed Their Assets" to Get Medicaid, October 2003

50 Ways to Survive in LTCI--Book Review, August 2003

The WSJ on LTCI--Reality Check, July 2003

Shelton's 2003 LTC Planning Guide is Good and Current, June 2003

Massachusetts’s Legislators Misguided on LTCI, May 2003

"Elder Rage" is a Hoot, May 2003

Book Report: LTC Planning for Idiots, December 2002

Book Report: "J.K. Lasser's Choosing the Right Long-Term Care Insurance", December 2002

Post Pans Policies, but Tell Tells it Like it Is, October 2002

OPM on LTCI, April 2002

WSJ Misses Mark on LTCI , February 2002

Why LTCI?, August 2001

Educating the Educators, June 2001

Budish and Gordon on LTCI and Medicaid Planning, February 2001

Boomers Can't Rely on Inheritance Bonanza, January 2001

The Mote in LTC's Eye, January 2001

Reporter Nails It, November 2000

Handy New Tool, November 2000

Goetze Gets It, October 2000

Hyman Low on LTCI Savvy, October 2000

Medicaid vs. LTC Insurance for Home Care, October 2000

Education is Key, says EBRI on LTCI, September 2000

Year 2000 Shelton LTC Guide Available, September 2000

Of Floods, Insurance and Long-Term Care, August 2000

Thriving After 55, July 2000

The Savage Truth About Long-Term Care, July 2000

Women Be Wary, June 2000

Learning the Hard Way , June 2000

Who Needs LTC Insurance?, May 2000

ACLI on LTCI, May 2000

Barron's Rebuttal (full text letter), April 2000

Barron's Analysis: Not All It's Cracked Up To Be, April 2000

What Really Is Long-Term Care?, March 2000

Why People Purchase Private Insurance, December 1999

LTC Pledge, December 1999

Smart Money Isn't So Smart, November 1999

Another Reason to Avoid Medicaid, November 1999

Going Against the Tide…With Help, November 1999

"LTC Reality Check" Series Starts Today, October 1999

"What's the Best Reason to Buy LTC Insurance?", October 1999

Is Medicaid Planning Ethical?, October 1999

Study Shows Most Can Afford LTC Insurance, September 1999

AOK Article on LTC in AZ, September 1999

TQ/NTQ, Touche, August 1999

Money Magazine Misguided on LTC Insurance, August 1999

Report Biased Against LTC Insurance for Women, August 1999

Eldercare Advocate on Planning Ahead for LTC, August 1999

Public Official Endorses LTC Insurance, July 1999

Kiplinger's Guides Readers on LTC Insurance, July 1999

LTC Insurance Can Prevent Financial Ruin, June 1999

A Day In the Life, May 1999

Aging Anomalies Analyzed, April 1999

Wall Street Journal on LTC Insurance, April 1999

Ticker Toolbox Touts LTC Insurance, March 1999

Terry Savage Helps Consumers with LTC Insurance, March 1999

Caregivers Plan for LTC, December 1998

Terry Savage Endorses LTC Insurance, October 1998

Money Magazine Recommends Boomers Protect Parents, October 1998

Medicaid Planning Exposed, July 1998

WSJ Affirms Planning for LTC is Critical, July 1998

New York Times Misinformed on LTC Insurance, June 1998


Medicaid Planning

The impact on public programs and benefit recipients, the latest court and administration rulings and the effect on the marketability of private long-term care solutions.  Return to top of page

How Medicaid Subsidizes the Funeral Industry, February 2024

The Medicaid Spend Down Bullets, June 2023

LTC Strawman, September 2022

Using Medicaid to Protect Inheritances, June 2021

Spousal Impoverishment, Then and Now, January 2021

Who Wins, Who Loses When Medicaid Misleads? Part 2, November 2018

Who Wins, Who Loses When Medicaid Misleads?, October 2018

How and How Much Medicaid Reduces Lifetime Medical Spending for Affluent Retirees, October 2018

On the Ethics of Medicaid Planning, August 2017

Is it Spend Down or Medicaid Planning?, July 2017

Medicaid Planning Hits a New Low, March 2017

Medicaid Planning in the Bull’s-eye, February 2017

Spousal Impoverishment?, January 2017

LTC Annuities:  To Get or Avoid Medicaid?, June 2015

Medicaid Planning Writ Large, April 2015

Sue or Be Sued, October 2014

Free LTC Loan With No Pay Back Required, August 2014

GAO Punts on Medicaid Planning, July 2014

How to End Medicaid Annuity Abuse, February 2014

Medicaid Planning—The Rest of the Story, February 2014

Annuity Blues, November 2013

Do the Rich Benefit from Medicaid?, August 2013

Wisconsin Tackles Medicaid Planning, July 2013

LTC Bullet #1,000:  Medicaid Planning:  Thousand Bullets Retrospective, May 2013

The Medicaid Program Integrity Act, May 2013

States Decry Medicaid LTC Loopholes, January 2013

Medicaid Planning for Long-Term Care, February 2012

Russian Mafiosos, Medicaid and LTC, July 2011

Spousal Refusal Robs Taxpayers and the Poor, December 2010

Medicaid Planning Up, LTCI Down, August 2010

Connecticut Expands Medicaid LTC Largesse, July 2010

Freddy Krueger and Medicaid Planning, October 2009

Why Stimulate Medicaid Planning?, February 2009

The LTC Housing Sieve, July 2008

Medicaid Planning Update, June 2008

WSJ Advises on Medicaid Planning, July 2007

Medicaid Pushers, May 2007

Legal Abuse of Medicaid LTC Rife Post-DRA, May 2007

NAELA Overboard, February 2006

Dueling Letters, August 2006

How Medicaid Short Changes LTC Providers, Insurers and Patients, June 2006

Texas Gerontologist Whips Medicaid Planner in TV Debate, May 2006

Spousal Refusal:  Who Wins?  Who Loses?, April 2006

NAELA's New Nadir, March 2006

LTC Doubletalk, January 2006

NPR Defends Medicaid Planning, Attacks Messenger, January 2006

Rural Hijinks--Buy Cattle, Hide $737,960, Get Medicaid, December 2005

The Great Debate on Medicaid and LTC, August 2005

LTC Bombshell, June 2005

Should Medicaid Protect Retirement Savings?, June 2005

Where There's Smoke, There's Fire, May 2005

GAO on TOA, May 2005

SSI Expands Medicaid's "Renoir" and "Two Mercedes" Loopholes, March 2005

New York Medicaid Planners Are Coming Around, April 2005

Roll Call's Kondracke Says Stop Medicaid Planning Abuse and Encourage LTCi, March 2005

Special Alert, Time Sensitive, Please Read Now, February 2005

Transfer Your Home to Get Medicaid?, February 2005

Help Wanted--How are Medicaid Friendly Annuities Negotiable?, December 2004

Is the Jig Up for Medicaid Planning?, December 2004

Foxes Guarding the Chicken House, December 2004

Medicaid vs. LTC, November 2004

Courts Promote Medicaid Planning, September 2004

CBO Says Medicaid Crowds Out LTC Insurance, June 2004

Medicaid Planning and Estate Recovery Issues Are Heating Up, May 2004

Takacs Tackles LTC Anomalies, April 2004

The Medicaid Seduction, April 2004

Guardian Nightmare or How Heirs Rob the Elderly, March 2004

How Medicaid Planners Seduce Nursing Homes, March 2004

No Wonder They Don't Buy LTCi, March 2004

Medicaid Maneuvers Are Dangerous, Warns WSJ, February 2004

Basich Balderdash on LTC Financing, January 2004

What Should Be Done About Medicaid Profiteers?, December 2003

Medicaid, LTCI and RAMs: The CMS Perspective, November 2003

Medicaid Planners Convicted, November 2003

Mr. Long-Term Care Speaks Out, October 2003

Medicaid Planners Confess, October 2003

What Goes Around Comes Around, August 2003

Medicaid Loopholes by State, July 2003

LTC Safety Net or Inheritance Insurance?, July 2003

USA Today Blasts Medicaid Planning, Urges Reform, July 2003

Medicaid Planning Ads in the New York Times, April 2003

In the Lion's Den of Medicaid Planning, February 2003

Wall Street Journal Blasts Medicaid Estate Planning Today, February 2003

They're Baaack, Part VI: "Medicaid for the Upper Crust", January 2003

Kudos to CLTC, Inc., October 2002

Medicaid Planning Full Disclosure, September 2002

Is Medicaid Planning OK if Insurers (Not Lawyers) Do It?, September 2002

Medicaid Whack-a-Mole Supercharges the LTC Partnership, August 2002

Board Chair Claude Thau on Medicaid Planning, July 2002

Connecticut Attacks Medicaid Planning to Save Money and Encourage Private LTCI, June 2002

"Nursing Home Care Virtually Free For Life", May 2002

New LTCI Policy You Can Buy after the Insurable Event Occurs, May 2002

Supremes Sing Sour Note for Medicaid Planning, February 2002

They're Baaack, Part V: "A Person With $1 Million Is Not Wealthy", January 2002

Insurers Acknowledge Role of Public Financing, December 2001

Divorce, Medicaid Style, November 2001

They're Baaack, Part IV: "Abandon Your Spouse . . . Get Medicaid", October 2001

Working Both Ends, August 2001

They're Baaack, Part III: "Buy Cattle, Get Medicaid, July 2001

They're Baaack, Part II:  Frank Comments, July 2001

JD Warns DPOAs Dangerous, June 2001

JBQ Decries Exploitation of Medicaid, June 2001

Medicaid's Greedy Henchmen, May 2001

They're Baaaack . . . Medicaid Planners Rise Again, April 2001

Planning for Public Benefit Eligibility, April 2001

Medicaid Estate Planning Unmasked, March 2001

Stumbling on the Next Step, January 2001

FL Court Decisions Reflect Injustice of Medicaid Planning, January 2001

HCFA Slams Medicaid Loophole Shut!, November 2000

Hot Tip and Best Practice, August 2000

Bill Gates on Medicaid?, August 2000

Thriving After 55, July 2000

Open Letter to HCFA, July 2000

NY's Highest Court Opens Door to Further Medicaid Abuse, June 2000

CLTC Certification Program Ejects NAELA, May 2000

Is Medicaid Planning Elder Abuse?, May 2000

Insurance Exec Misses Mark on Medicaid Planning, April 2000

HCFA OKs Estate Recovery of Annuity Proceeds, April 2000

Elder Law Attorney Promotes Medicaid Alternatives, March 2000

Kiplinger Comments Draw Medicaid Complaint, March 2000

Burning Nursing Homes at Both Ends , February 2000

LTC Insurance Made Simple, January 2000

Progress!, January 2000

Defense of Medicaid Planning Ignores Consequences, December 1999

Three Cheers...But One From the Bronx!, December 1999

NYT Readers Denounce Medicaid Planning, November 1999

More Bad Advice from Consumer Reports, November 1999

Must Attorneys Advise About LTC Options?, October 1999

Is Medicaid Planning Ethical?, October 1999

Where's the Outrage?, September 1999

Jane Bryant Quinn on Medicaid Planning, September 1999

On Rich Bankrupts and Wealthy Welfarers, August 1999

Ad is More Evidence of Medicaid Competition, July 1999

LTC Insurance Gets Short Shrift in Favor of Medicaid, July 1999

Why Not Medicaid?, July 1999

More Merchandising of Medi-Cal, March 1999

Center VP Argues Dangers of Medicaid Planning, March 1999

Medi-Cal (California Medicaid) is for Everyone?, February 1999

Medicaid Eligibility Vise Squeezes Tighter, February 1999

Perils of Medicaid, February 1999

A Pedigree of Poverty-Making, December 1998

Certifiable Suckers?, December 1998

Prominent Attorneys Discuss Criminalization, November 1998

More Duplicity From Medicaid Planners, November 1998

Attorneys Promote Medicaid as Alternative to LTC Insurance, October 1998

Good Advice from a NAELA Attorney, October 1998

NY Court Gives Green Light to Medicaid Planners, September 1998

Widespread Medicaid Planning Confirmed…Again, August 1998

Update on "Granny's Attorney Goes To Jail", July 1998

Medicaid Minefields Indeed!, July 1998

Medicaid Planning Exposed, July 1998

New York LTC Executive Speaks Out, June 1998

NY's Highest Court Rebuffs Aggressive Medicaid Planning, June 1998

Did Janet Reno Legalize Medicaid Fraud?, June 1998

USA Today Takes Medicaid Planning to Task, May 1998

CNN Update on "Send Granny's Lawyer to Jail Law", May 1998


LTC Services

Highlights the link between private financing and quality services.  Return to top of page

LTCI and Innovative Financial Planning, March 2023

LTCI Education, February 2023

Go Fund What?, April 2022

LTC Good News, March 2022

LTC Center Standing Guard, May 2021

The Gold Standard for Long-Term Care Insurance, May 2020

LTCi Pool of Money Calculator, June 2019

Tribute to Phyllis Shelton, June 2018

Who’s Responsible? Who Isn’t?, June 2018

LTCI’s Responsibilities, April 2018

Don’t Buy LTCI?!, January 2018

The LTCI Roller Coaster, January 2018

LTCI Optimism, May 2016

Where’s the Disconnect?, May 2016

Losing Principles, April 2016

Using Life Insurance Death Benefits to Fund LTC, April 2016

LTC Un-Awareness Month, October 2015

The U.S. Economy Needs Long-Term Care, August 2015

LTC Annuities:  To Get or Avoid Medicaid?, June 2015

Medically Underwritten Annuities for LTC, May 2015

The Fearless Caregiver, March 2015

Being Morbid, February 2015

Life Insurance for LTC, January 2015

The Advisor’s Guide to Long-Term Care, 2nd Edition:  A Book Review, November 2015

Why Buy LTCI?, October 2014

LTC Awareness:  Easier Said than Done, October 2014

Out of the LTC Frying Pan into the Fire, August 2014

Keynes vs. Hayek on LTC Insurance, August 2014

Buy or Wait?, May 2014

ILTCI Conference Preview, March 2014

Government LTC is Getting Old, December 2013

The Insurance Dilemma, November 2013

Why Don’t Children Buy LTCI for Parents?, October 2013

The Tarnished Name of Assisted Living, September 2013

Guest Column on Linked Products, September 2013

LTC Services:  Thousand Bullets Retrospective, September 2013

Book Review:  “Take That Nursing Home and Shove It”, February 2013

LTC Good News/Bad News, January 2013

So What If the Government Pays for Most LTC?, 2011 Data Update, January 2013

Critical Care Could Grow the LTCi Market, July 2012

What the HECM is Happening with Reverse Mortgages?, June 2012

Double Trouble, May 2012

Home Equity, Long-Term Care, and Retirement Income Security, April 2012

RCFs and Duals Impact Medicaid and LTCI, April 2012

The Completely Understandable LTCI Buyer’s Guide, March 2012

LTC Mixed Messages, June 2011

LTC Hysteria, June 2011

All Hail 3in4's Big Apple Promotion, May 2011

LTCI + RMs = HCBS?, May 2011

Survival Guide for Alzheimer's Caregivers, May 2011

Interview with Prudential's Malcolm Cheung, April 2011

The Evil Genius of LTC Financing, April 2011

The Gathering LTC Storm, November 2010

LTCI "Over There", November 2010

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished, October 2010

The CLASS-LTCI Side-by-Side, September 2010

New LTC Tour, August 2010

LTC Parallels in Britain, August 2010

Sue Financial Planners for Bad LTCI Advice?, June 2010

Private LTC Insurance Vindicated, April 2010

Retirement Security, Reverse Mortgages, and LTC, March 2010

The 10 Things You Must Know About Long-Term Care, March 2010

Reflections on Long-Term Care Planning, December 2009

The Impending Collapse of the Roadblocks to LTC Insurance, December 2009

KC Summit Outperforms, November 2009

Health Reform and Economic Reality, November 2009

LTC Embed Report from Big Sky Country, October 2009

Medicare/Medicaid Meltdown Means More LTCI, October 2009

Vets "Confined to Quarters" by VA, July 2009

Why Nursing Homes Evict the Poor Elderly, February 2009

LTC Whammy!, October 2008

You Get the Long-Term Care You Pay For, October 2008

What's Your LTC Plan?, October 2008

The Savage Truth on LTCI, September 2008

The LTC Promise, September 2008

LTCI Thrives on HCBS While Medicaid Flounders, August 2008

Marilee Driscoll Reports on the 2nd Annual Partnership Summit (Part 2 of 2), August 2008

Marilee Driscoll Reports on the 2nd Annual Partnership Summit (Part 1 of 2), August 2008

LTC ViaRail, May 2008

LTC Planning Requires Emotion AND Thought, April 2008

Reversing Your Mortgage for Elder Care, February 2008

LTC Tour Touches LTC Providers, February 2008

A Home Can Protect Both Health and Wealth, November 2007

The Senior Solution--Book Review, November 2007

Who Ya Gonna Call?, October 2007

Why Not Medicaid?, October 2007

Book Review--Harley Gordon's Latest, September 2007

Nursing Home Pot Calling LTCi Kettle Black?, August 2007

The Long-Term Care Graduate Seminar, August 2007

What's Really Happening to LTC?, July 2007

The Brave New World of Long-Term Care, June 2007

How CMS Bought a Half-Billion-Dollar Double-Edged LTC Sword, May 2007

LTC on the House, May 2007

Sucker Punched in Dallas, April 2007

Focus on AALTCI, March 2007

JBQ in Newsweek:  Use LTCI or RMs, Not Medicaid, March 2007

LTC Embed:  Report from the Policy Front, March 2007

LTC Embed:  Reverse Mortgage First Impressions, February 2007

Special Edition for LTCi Producers, November 2006

Congressional Quarterly Nails the LTC Issue, October 2006

Moses and Shelton on NPR re LTCi, September 2006

Damned if You Don't, August 2006

Kiplinger's:  Beware Medicaid, Buy LTCi, Get HEC, April 2006

What I Believe About Long-Term Care, March 2006

Book and Interview on LTC Planning--New Edition, February 2006

A New Cannon in Our Health Policy Arsenal, September 2005

Who Should Pay for Long-Term Care?, September 2005

WSJ Says Don't Count on Government for LTC, September 2005

LTC Debate Preview and Guide, September 2005

Sound Solutions for Long-Term Care, August 2005

I Don't Need LTCi . . . I Have VA, July 2005

LTCi Coverage:  What's the Right Size?, May 2005

Why Does Georgetown Dodge RAMs?, April 2005

Should You Buy LTCi? Or What if You Don't?, April 2005

Big Problems, Small Victories, March 2005

Of Superman, Bedsores and Nursing Home Litigation, November 2004

LTC Juxtapositions, October 2004

Simple Guide to Reverse Mortgages, September 2004

Who Should Pay for Long-Term Care?, September 2004

Caregiving Crisis Continues, August 2004

Do People on Medicaid Get Worse Nursing Home Care?, August 2004

Could You Lift Your Husband From the Floor?, June 2004

The Sirens' Call, The Primrose Path, and Assisted Living, May 2004

On The New Math of Long-Term Care Insurance, March 2004

LTCi Professional Liability for Financial Advisors, March 2004

Changing LTC Public Policy: Why-What-When?, February 2004

Don't Forget Why We're Doing This, February 2004

The Unspeakable, Spoken, January 2004

Season's Greetings and a Holiday Policy Gift, December 2003

Don't Look to Germany for a Long-Term Care Model, October 2003

Medicaid, Nursing Homes, Quality Problems and Insurance: How to Connect the Dots, October 2003

LTC is Number One Priority, September 2003

Medicaid Waivers Waver on Quality, July 2003

How Can Private LTC Insurance Help Save Medicaid?, June 2003

Long-Term Care Lemmings, June 2003

Levy's Cadette on LTC Financing Policy, May 2003

The CLTC Class and Certification, April 2003

"AWOLTC: LTC Leaders Away Without Leave", April 2003

If Government and Business Renege, Will Individual Responsibility Flourish?, March 2003

Long-Term Care in the Crosshairs, March 2003

ACLI's Paean to LTCI, March 2003

Polishing Nursing Homes, January 2003

Tough Times Ahead for LTC, January 2003

Great New LTC Financing Approach by Any Name, January 2003

The CMS Quality Oxymoron, November 2002

U.S. News Zaps Nursing Homes, October 2002

Reverse Mortgages Could Fund LTC Services and LTCI Premiums, August 2002

New CLTCF Speech: "Insurance: Private vs. Social", July 2002

The History of Long-Term Care, July 2002

Long-Term Care Advocacy Shortsighted, March 2002

An Answer for ALF Affordability, March 2002

Long-Term Care Needs Leadership Now, January 2002

NIC's Mixed Message on Seniors Housing, January 2002

Washington Provider Association Gets It, January 2002

NIC on LTCI, December 2001

Cleveland Area Providers Take Charge of Future, November 2001

A Perspective From the Trenches, October 2001

Doesn't Everyone Get the Same Care in a Nursing Home?, October 2001

Bleeding Medicaid Dry, October 2001

Studies Prove Need for LTCI , September 2001

Playing the Government Reimbursement Game, June 2001

Does LTCI Make a Difference?, June 2001

LTC Nursing Shortage Looms, May 2001

Seniors Housing World Conference Report, April 2001

The Paul Revere of Assisted Living, March 2001

Seniors Housing World Conference, February 2001

Right Diagnosis, Wrong Prescription, February 2001

The Importance of Intergenerational Planning, February 2001

Triathlon Report Findings Resonate, January 2001

Shedding Tiers, June 2000 (Reissue)

Low Medicaid Reimbursement Takes Toll, January 2000

Nursing Homes Suffer When Medicaid Pays, December 1999

Another Reason to Avoid Medicaid, November 1999

Economist Shares Thoughts on LTC, October 1999

More Medicaid Woes, September 1999

How to Kill the Golden Goose, September 1999

Kudos to Kiplinger's, August 1999

How to Unleash Long-Term Care Insurance and Assisted Living, June 1999

The Plight of Certified Nursing Assistants, May 1999

Nursing Home Industry in Crisis, April 1999

Between a Rock and a Hard Place, April 1999

Perils of Medicaid, February 1999

Tennessee Advocates Invite Unintended Consequences, August 1998

Can NHs Make Gold Out of Straw?, July 1998

NC Rest Homes Trap Private Payers, July 1998

HMOs Get Dose of Medicaid Reality, July 1998

Employees Paid Bonus to Unload Medicaid Patients, July 1998

Senior Entitlement Changes Plague LTC Giant, June 1998

New York LTC Executive Speaks Out, June 1998


Politics and Legislation

Commentary on the news from Congress, the Administration, HCFA, and the states.  For more analysis on state specific Medicaid programs see our state reports.   Return to top of page

Progressive Bias Produces Regressive Policy, February 2024

You Pay for California’s LTC Profligacy and Structural Racism, August 2023

WA Cares Repercussions, October 2022

Long-Term Care Financing Update, January 2022

Kill or Cure WA Cares?, December 2021

MACPAC Captured, April 2021

MACPAC Misfires, March 2021

The Keystone Kops of LTC Insurance, October 2020

The Reverse Robin Hood Economy and Long-Term Care, May 2020

Pete for LTC?, December 2019

Value is in the Eye of the Beholder, January 2019

How and How Much Medicaid Reduces Lifetime Medical Spending for Affluent Retirees, August 2018

Are LTC Rider Costs Tax Deductible?, November 2017

LTC is the New Front in Medicaid War, June 2017

Victory!  Model LTC Education/Planning Bill Enacted in Maryland, April 2017

How to Make Medicaid Block Grants Work for Taxpayers, LTC Providers, and the Needy, February 2017

LTC Predictions, December 2016

Half a Century of Bad Medicaid LTC Policy, July 2016

LTC at a Crossroads, June 2016

Hillary on LTC:  Now and Then, May 2016

A New Revolution in Long-Term Care Financing . . . by Government, November 2015

Cassandra’s Quandary, July 2015

The VA Wants to Close Need-Based Pension Eligibility Loopholes, February 2015

Holding CMS’s Feet to the Fire, February 2015

Election Reflections, November 2014

Politics and Legislation:  Thousand Bullets Retrospective, May 2014

Minnesota Medicaid Aborts Move to Four ADLs, January 2014

Shutdown Irony, October 2013

LTC Embed Report from the First LTC Commission Public Meeting, June 2013

What Should the LTC Commission Do?, June 2013

Let’s Play LTC Jeopardy, May 2013

Bipartisan Congressional Blast at New York Medicaid, February 2013

The LTC Dozen (So Far), February 2013

LTC Solution May Require Civil Disobedience, November 2012

Medicare Expansion Could Be Last Straw for Private LTC Financing, October 2012

The Medicaid Long-Term Care Reform Act of 2012, September 2012

Challenge Medicaid’s MOE Mandate, August 2012

LTC Truth to Power, August 2012

Remedial CLASS, October 2011

CLASS is Undead (LTC Embed Report #12), October 2011

Moses Replies to Congressman's Questions (LTC Embed Report #11), October 2011

LTC Embed Report (#8) from the Policy Front in Washington, DC, September 2011

Friendly Fire in the Class War (LTC Embed Report #6), September 2011

LTC Action (LTC Embed Report #5), September 2011

LTC Embed Report #1 from the Policy Front in DC, July 2011

California Aborts AB-999, June 2011

Does California Need a Long-Term Care "Czar"?, May 2011

CLASS:  What's Next?, March 2011

For CLASS Addicts, March 2011

CLASS vs. LTC Partnerships:  Allies, Adversaries or Co-Dependents?, February 2011

The CLASS Act and the Future of LTC Financing, January 2011

CLASS Lives, November 2010

Less Than Meets the Eye: LTC in ACA, October 2010

CLASSless Journalism, September 2010

CLASS Update, August 2010

Score One for Our Side, August 2010

Heritage on CLASS, July 2010

CLASS vs. LTCI--What's Best for LTC Providers?, July 2010

Draft Legislation to Fix CLASS, June 2010

More CLASS, May 2010

What Health and LTC Reform Mean for LTC Providers and Investors, May 2010

The CLASS Act: Implementation and Impact on Consumers, April 2010

CLASS and the Senior Care Investor, April 2010

PPACA'd with Unfunded LTC Benefits, April 2010

CLASS Caveats, April 2010

Big MOE, March 2010

CLASS Class March 11, March 2010

"CLASS Dismissed" for Broker World, February 2010

LTC Predictions, January 2010

What Happens to LTC if States Secede from Medicaid?, January 2010

DéCLASSé, December 2009

CLASS Consciousness, October 2009

CLASSified, October 2009

How Much More Wrong Can They Get It?!, July 2009

Rhode Island Ready, July 2009

When Rhetoric Met Reality, June 2009

Adios, DRA?, June 2009

Unique LTC Reform Opportunity, May 2009

Will Health Reform Include LTC?, March 2009

The LTC Score, May 2008

Pension Protection Act of 2006, February 2007

The DRA Bullets, January 2007

The Future of LTC and Medicaid, November 2006

The Long-Term Care DRAma in Congress, September 2006

Bravo CMS!, July 2006

Untangling the Deficit Reduction Act, July 2006

The Future of LTC and Medicaid, July 2006

LTC Embed Report from the Policy Front in Hagerstown, Maryland, July 2006

LTC Embed Reports from the Policy Front, MD and DC, July 2006

Let's Fight Back!, June 2006

The Deficit Reduction Act of 2005, April 2006

Microsimulate This!, March 2006

"Analysis:  Congress Strengthens Long-Term Care", March 2006

The Brave New World of LTC Financing, February 2006

The Plot Thickens, February 2006

LTC Insanity, February 2006

State Moves Toward Private LTC Financing Alternatives, February 2006

LTC Victory, February 2006

LTC Embed--Report from the Front, February 2006

LTC Showdown, January 2006

As LTC Climax Approaches, CBO Estimates Savings, January 2006

On Asset Transfers, Charitable Giving and Nursing Homes, January 2006

LTC Denouement . . . for Now, December 2005

Good News, Bad News, December 2005

Urgent You Act, It's Now or Never, December 2005

House Passes Historic LTC Reform; Center Helps Tip Balance; AARP Spurned, December 2005

Senator Snookered (R, OR), December 2005

GAO on TOA Underwhelms, October 2005

Transforming Medicaid and LTC, September 2005

Medicaid Budget Reconciliation Sneak Peek, September 2005

LTC Disconnect, June 2005

The Medicaid Commission, May 2005

LTC Embed: Report from the Front (Congress #2), April 2005

Center to Give Congressional Testimony, April 2005

Governors Get Going on LTC Reform, April 2005

LTC Druggies?, January 2005

Ken Dychtwald on the "Silver Ceiling", October 2004

California Dreamin' About LTC, October 2004

LTC "Memorial" is a Model for States, February 2004

Presidential Hopefuls Give Lip Service to LTC, February 2004

Dire Warnings from the Feds, September 2003

Seeking LTC Solutions, July 2003

What About the Rate Stability of the U.S. Government?, December 2002

Hawaii's Care Plus Program, a Status and Trip Report, November 2002

Could "Sin Taxes" Fund Long-Term Care?, September 2002

LTCI in Germany, August 2002

Hawaii's CarePlus Program, June 2002

Colorado Confronts LTC Crisis, April 2002

Olmstead Languishes, April 2002

Special Alert--Medicare to Cover Alzheimer's Disease, March 2002

Senators Focus on Caregiving Challenges, March 2002

Free Health Care News , March 2002

Medicaid Woes Worsen, March 2002

CMS' Scully on LTCI and Tax Deductibility, February 2002

Federal LTC Insurance Program Moves Forward, December 2001

The Case for LTCI Tax Incentives, October 2001

Tax Breaks for LTCI Not Likely Soon, September 2001

LTCI Tax Deductibility:  High Hopes Turn to Lowered Expectations, August 2001

Will Tax Deductibility Pass This Year?, August 2001

Growing Support for LTCI Tax Breaks, July 2001

WV Loses Estate Recovery Challenge,

Beneficiaries Can’t Enforce Medicaid Law, May 2001

LTC Action on the Hill, April 2001

Medicaid Estate Recoveries Clarified by HCFA, March 2001

HCFA Slams Medicaid Loophole Shut!, November 2000

Government and Industry Team Up on LTCI, September 2000

Smart ALEC on LTC Policy, September 2000

The Power of Leverage, August 2000

Will Olmstead Help or Hurt Long-Term Care?, August 2000

Open Letter to HCFA, July 2000

UK Government Endorses Fundamental Principle of LTC Choice, July 2000

LTC Rising In Congress, March 2000

HCFA OKs Estate Recovery of Annuity Proceeds, April 2000

Michigan Gets with (Part of) the Program, April 2000

Progress!, January 2000

LTC Financing on NPR, September 1999

LTC Rising, July 1999

Republican Tax Package Promotes LTC Insurance, July 1999

Veterans' Benefits Might Not Pay for LTC, July 1999

Rep. Northup's Call to Action, July 1999

Chairman Grassley Voices Open Secret, July 1999

HCFA Tells States to Prepare for Looming Crisis, May 1999

Bill Introduced to Study LTC in the 21st Century, May 1999

Fellow Travelers, May 1999

LTC Bullet: Rep. Hobson Committed to LTC Reform, April 1999

New Coalition Advocates Personal Responsibility for LTC, April 1999

New Group Seeks Consensus on LTC Reform, April 1999

New Law May Limit Access to Medicaid, March 1999

U.S. President Debates Center President, March 1999

LTC Reform Looms on the Horizon, February 1999

Shays on LTC, February 1999

LTC Bullet: Dr. Feelgood's LTC Prescription, January 1999

Rep. Shays Reintroduces LTC Resolution, January 1999

Clinton Considering LTC Tax Credits, December 1998

Senator Grassley Talks Long-Term Care, December 1998

Feds Anxious for LTC Insurance, November 1998

Wisconsin LTC Reform Misguided, October 1998

How Two Wrongs Can Make a Right: An Open Letter on Tax Deductibility to Congresswoman Nancy Johnson, October 1998

Idaho Decision Draws Attention to Estate Recovery, September 1998

HMOs Struggle with Medicare, September 1998

An Open Letter to the Medicare Commission, September 1998

Tennessee Advocates Invite Unintended Consequences, August 1998

Update on "Granny's Attorney Goes To Jail", July 1998

LTC Legislation On Fast Track, July 1998

First Lady Speaks Her Mind on LTC, July 1998

Did Janet Reno Legalize Medicaid Fraud?, June 1998

CNN Update on "Send Granny's Lawyer to Jail Law", May 1998


Demographics and Other Data

The impact of the Baby Boom and discussion of the coming “age wave.”  Discussion of resources and data on LTC cost, spending and utilization.  Return to top of page

So What If the Government Pays for Most LTC, 2022 Data Update, January 2024

Who Needs LTC? How much? So what?, May 2023

So What If the Government Pays for Most LTC, 2021 Data Update, December 2022

LTC Almanac Update, August 2022

LTCI Sales Surge, July 2022

The History of Long-Term Care Financing in a Single Chart, February 2022

So What If the Government Pays for Most LTC, 2020 Data Update, December 2021

Long-Term Care and the Pandemic, January 2021

So What If the Government Pays for Most LTC, 2019 Data Update, December 2020

The Who is Selling What to Whom, Why & How Survey, September 2020

So What If the Government Pays for Most LTC, 2018 Data Update, December 2019

LTC Almanac Update, September 2019

State of the LTCI Industry—2019, July 2019

Treasure Trove of LTC Provider and User Data, March 2019

LTC Almanac Update, January 2019

So What If the Government Pays for Most LTC?, 2017 Data Update, December 2018

Get LTC Risk Right, November 2018

Long-Term Care Across the States, September 2018

State of the LTCI Industry—2018, September 2018

Is it Time to Prospect Millennials?, August 2018

LTC Almanac Update, June 2018

Retirement Confidence and Asset Spend Down, April 2018

The End of Alzheimer’s, April 2018

Have Your Cake Until It Eats You, March 2018

So What If the Government Pays for Most LTC?, 2016 Data Update, December 2017

LTC Almanac Update, December 2017

LTC Armageddon, October 2017

2017 LTC Insurance Surveys Published, August 2017

LTC Policy Poll Results, April 2017

LTC Almanac Update, March 2017

Facing Alzheimer’s, January 2017 

Who Buys LTCI and Who Doesn’t?, January 2017 

So What If the Government Pays for Most LTC?, 2015 Data Update, December 2016

Medicaid LTC Data Insights, October 2016

LTC Almanac Update (2), July 2016

LTC Almanac Update, July 2016

LTCI Lapses Reconsidered, May 2016

Will the Aging of America be a Triumph or a Tragedy?, April 2016

How Much Does Long-Term Care Cost?, March 2016

LTC Almanac Update (2), February 2016

LTC Almanac Update, February 2016

So What If the Government Pays for Most LTC?, 2014 Data Update, December 2015

Long-Term Caregiving:  Latest Data, October 2015

The LTCI Sourcebook, October 2015

LTCI Update from Broker World, September 2015

LTC Almanac Update (2), September 2015

LTC Almanac Update, September 2015

LTC Wake-Up Call, August 2015

Pandora Meets Rosy Scenario in CMS Projections, July 2015

New Data on LTC Incidence, Duration, Cost and Financing Sources, July 2015

America's Demographic Winter, July 2015

New Tool to Analyze LTC Spending Data, April 2015

LTC in the USA:  Who Provides to Whom and Who Pays?, March 2015

So What If the Government Pays for Most LTC?, 2013 Data Update, January 2015

LTC Almanac Update, January 2015

IG Report Reveals Medicaid Estate Recovery Weakness, December 2014

IG Report Reveals Costly Medicaid Enforcement Failures, November 2014

Does Medicaid Solvency Matter?, October 2014

CMS Health Expenditure Data Mask LTC Cost Growth, September 2014

Entitlement Double Talk, August 2014

LTC Almanac Update, #2, July 2014

LTC Almanac Update, July 2014

Demographics and Other Data:  Thousand Bullets Retrospective, June 2014

So What If the Government Pays for Most LTC?, 2012 Data Update, January 2014

LTC Almanac Update, October 2013

LTCI Update, August 2013

How Will the LTC Plane Land?, May 2013

LTC Almanac Update, January 2013

What Do LTCI Carrier Ratings Really Mean?, October 2012

Broker World LTCI Surveys, August 2012

LTC Almanac Update (2), July 2012

LTC Almanac Update (1), June 2012

LTC Numbers You Can Trust, April 2012

Boomer Coma, April 2012

So What If the Government Pays for Most LTC?, 2010 Data Update, January 2012

New Medicaid and Medicare Numbers Announced for 2012, December 2011

LTC Almanac Update, July 2011

LTC Almanac Update (2), March 2011

LTC Almanac Update, March 2011

So What If the Government Pays for Most LTC?, 2009 Data Update, January 2011

Private LTC Insurance Vindicated, April 2010

So What If the Government Pays for Most LTC?, 2008 Data Update, January 2010

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