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Renowned expert
on Long-term Care and Medicaid
Available for Media Interviews/Briefings/Speeches

[Place],[Date], 2008

CONTACT: Steve Moses
TELE: 425-891-3640

Center for Long-term Care Reform President Stephen Moses will be in [your area] as part of the year-long 2008 NATIONAL LTC CONSCIOUSNESS TOUR. The tour is alerting legislators, media, and consumers across the country to the looming crisis in paying for custodial care for seniors.

Moses, who has testified before the U.S. Congress, dozens of state Legislatures, and spoken to other prominent groups, is hitting the road in a grassroots effort to spread the message of long-term care reform before it’s too late. Mr. Moses will emerge from his Airstream trailer, dubbed "The Silver Bullet of long-term care" to speak at events to individuals, families, advisors and policymakers alike.

t U.S.spending on Medicaid, the primary payor of long-term care, was over 304 BILLION dollars in 2006. As Boomers become seniors, this already-huge number will explode. The pressure will be on government funded nursing homes – already undercompensated – to do more with likely less funding.

Who will pay for them?  What will this mean when your parents need care…or when you do? Will the taxpayers of America take on this burden?  There’s a better way to prepare, personally and as a society. Moses shows you how the long-term care financing system in this country got broken, and what we can do to fix it.  

Through frequent speeches to national audiences, hard-hitting reports, and its popular "LTC Bullets" on-line newsletter, the Center for LTC Reform quickly has become the preeminent advocate for a rational and financially viable long-term care financing system. 

The Center is dedicated to ensuring quality long-term care for all Americans, and knows that time is running out to fix long-term care financing policy before it's too late to help the boomer generation.

Steve Moses’ message drives home the fact that public programs, which dominate LTC funding today, have set aside nothing for the future long-term care claims of the Boomer generation. Private insurance and home equity, both logical solutions, have been ignored by Boomers and policymakers. Something has to be done, and Steve Moses is dedicating the year to spreading the word and encouraging action.

The [sponsor] is bringing Moses in to present in [place] on [date].


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To interview Steve or schedule him to speak to your group please call him at 425-891-3640 or email


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